With Covid-19 raging, 2020 has proved to be a year to remember. With lockdown challenges and digital transformation at the forefront for many small businesses, the appeal of an experienced freelancer has never been more prominent.

In Manchester, we have some of the highest rates of infection making any business venture tenuous at best. Having a digital strategy and strong web estate is now an absolute must. With budgets limited by scarce profits during lockdown, a freelance developer is often a good option. If I were looking for a freelancer, this is what I would be looking for.

Someone Who Can Provide an Agency Experience, Without the Cost

A good freelance web developer is experienced and can not only provide you with web development services, but also client management and client experience. Without it, you will be left yearning for more and in the end paying an agency or spending hours trying to sort it yourself.

Look for Someone Who’s a Specialist

Look for someone who has experience in doing exactly what you are looking to accomplish. Someone who knows PPC and SEO does not mean they are a developer, it means they know how to do PPC and SEO. Look for someone who does web design / development for a living. The best developers are often full time employed but do side projects on the side. These are the developers you are looking for.

Flexibility in Practice

To work freelance and partner with a number of agencies, companies and individuals, flexibility is absolutely required. When meeting your prospective freelancer, look for someone who is able to match your hours or working style. It will make any project go a lot easier.

A Web Developer Who Understands SEO

This can’t be understated. Any developer worth their weight should have an in depth of knowledge of SEO, particularly with emphasis on speed. Although this won’t provide you with instant ranking, it will provide you with an essential foundation that is necessary to attract users over search.

Speed is a Priority

User experience and SEO is dependent on a fast and high performing website. Load times directly affects conversion rates and your bottom line. Choose a developer who considers speed from the start and includes it as one of the defining KPI’s of your site.

Mobile is First and Foremost

Mobile phone use has been on the rise for years, but most of the sites I work on have more users on mobile devices than desktop, full stop. Designing for mobile first should be first priority.