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Technical SEO can seem difficult, however a good foundation is the key to have your website or blog rank in search engines.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is all about making sure your coded elements of your website or webpage are setup to best interact with search engines in order to increase potential visibility in user searches. Part of this is ensuring a website is accessible to search engines crawlers and that the website architecture reflects the user experience. This is best achieved through entity and page classification and url structures.

When a website crawler reaches your site, it is ideal for the website to be easily crawled, quickly rendered, and efficiently indexed in order for it to achieve ranking for user searches. These processes all work together to feed a search engine digestible content and help improve their own user’s experience by finding the relevant content they are looking for.

Technical SEO is really about making sure your website, regardless of platform or CMS, is best optimised to allow it rank in search engines and achieve strategic business objectives.

Technical SEO Services Offered

Technical SEO Consultancy

Advice when you need it. I advise companies big and small on how to tackle a variety of index-related issues or how to setup an SEO strategy to improve your search rankings.

Error Removal

Remove redirect chains, 404s or any other crawl errors that may be causing issues.


The speed of your site plays a key role in search engine rankings. Give me an hour and let’s see how fast I can make your site.

Full Website SEO Audit

Apply years of technical SEO experience to find issues that could be contributing to lower site rankings or domain authority that could prevent higher rankings.

Website Architecture

Make sure your urls make sense and your site has a proper structure.

Meta Data Optimisation

An often overlooked area, however a must have. Ensure your pages, blogs, posts, or any other post type has the relevant meta data your site needs to compete including title, description and structured data where appropriate.

International SEO

International SEO deserves its own section.

For websites with an international focus, it is integral to have your website optimised to target the appropriate country and language (remember, these are two different parameters). Websites that are multilingual require a deeper investment into technical SEO implementation to make sure different language and country parameters are set up correctly and are working together to provide the user with the best experience and appropriate content.

As a career expat, I have experience working in a variety of markets, all which have their own specific requirements.

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Why Invest in Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the absolute foundation of your website and should be one of the first considerations given in any website project.

Without a proper technical SEO implementation and strategy, no amount of content work and link building will increase your traffic or search presence. If a website cannot be crawled effectively it will always struggle in terms of rank.

Technical SEO Helps to Achieve Business Goals

In the end any SEO work is all about getting your business or product in front of as many, interested and qualified users as possible. Setting up your technical SEO is one key element in providing users a good experience.