Partnering with Resolution Films, I recently took their .net website and converted into a responsive and most importantly, editable, WordPress website with a custom theme to match their previous design.

Why Convert to WordPress?

Previously the site was built in an aged .net framework. Although stable, the website was not easy to edit and overall the architecture was overly complicated for a brochure website. By converting the website to WordPress, it allows Resolution Films to easily update their website with a theme is specifically developed for ease of editing and growth.

More WordPress Conversion Projects

This isn’t the first time I have taken a static or other framework website and convert it to an editable WordPress theme. You can view another example from the Durham School for Girls in Doha portfolio project to learn a bit more on how these are done.

Have an Older Website that is Difficult to Edit?

Websites don’t have to be difficult to edit. If you have one and need advice on how to make it more editable, whether that’s in WordPress or not, get in touch and let’s look for a solution.