Freelance Web Developer in Manchester Ian Philip Thompson

Biographical Information

My name is Ian Philip Thompson and I am a web designer, developer and digital professional currently living in Manchester, United Kingdom. With 10+ years of experience working in the digital world, I have the background and proven track record of bringing digital projects to life on budget and on time.

My development philosophy is pretty simple: keep it small, keep it editable, and keep it secure. I use fields and native CMS functionality in lieu of plugins to keep WordPress sites secure and slim, build all components into the CMS so they are editable, and work to deliver the fastest and most optimised version of a website to assist in user experience and search rankings.

If this sounds like a good fit for your next project or agency, get in touch with me and we can discuss how best to proceed.

Manchester, UK | Qatar | Canada

These are my three target markets thanks to having worked in these countries professionally for a number of years. I work with clients and agencies in each of these markets and am looking to grow in each market.

I have also worked in Italy temporarily supervising archaeology sites but that was another life.

You can see my full education background and work history on my LinkedIn Profile.

Estonian E-Residency

I’ve been an Estonian E-Residency since 2017 and have been actively committed to the principles of the program including owning and operating the Arias & Thompson consultancy as an Estonian business until 2019.

Qatar Freelance Web Developer Ian Philip Thompson

A Broad Range of Web Development, Design and Digital Skills

I bring a lot to the table as my background and career trajectory has taken me across both industries and continents. Currently I am working with the following skillset:

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP development
  • Apache and Windows server management
  • Responsive web design and wire framing
  • Analytics and data-based decision making and optimisation
  • Technical, on-site SEO strategy, implementation and monitoring
  • Digital communications and marketing strategies
  • User experience reviews and solutions strategies

Offscreen Skills and Competencies

Unlike many in the development world I began my professional career in communications and human-related change management. Through this experience combined with my time bridging the gap of digital marketing and development I have honed skills relating to the following that I am happy to contribute to any project:

  • Digital and strategic marketing planning and execution
  • Search and social PPC advertising (including landing page and conversion design and optimisation)
  • Internal and strategic communications planning and execution
  • User acceptance testing and related communications
  • Project communications and planning
  • Large event planning and execution
Ian Philip Thompson - Calgary Freelance Web Developer

Background and Education

Knowing who your freelancer is essential in forming a positive and rewarding working relationship. Here are some brief notes about me to help you understand my background and the depth of knowledge I possess:

  1. Work experience in higher education, tech sector and digital agencies in multiple countries including the UK, Canada and Qatar
  2. Completed an extended humanities education including a BA, MA and half a PhD in Roman Archaeology by the age of 25 before switching careers to digital communications and web development
  3. Technical education in Geographic Information Systems and Web Development
  4. Have led major projects (both digital and otherwise) with budgets in excess of £250,000
  5. Has worked on in house and agency development teams (both large and small)

You can see my full background on my LinkedIn profile.